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How to Build eCommerce Mobile App for Beginners in 10 Minutes

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What is the one that all small businesses struggles when they go online into mobile space?

You guessed it, they have a challenge to create mobile apps which sells, promote, whether it be goods or services, using specific options like delivery or pickup, having scheduling, feedback forms, maps and so on.

Curious of what skill set do they need to accomplish that?

Usually this is a very complex task which requires a lot of expertise in different areas, but the good thing is that they don’t need to know all of these skills in order to create their own e-commerce app.

What if, they can delegate this task to a service, which will take care of all the technology, so they just focus on ideas and bring them to live using solution for rapid development of mobile applications.

How difficult is to get started and have at the final a working app which sells ?

It is pretty easy to start creating your own apps, configuring all the products, payment options, sharing content, promotional materials.

What are the steps to follow in order to get it done ?

Here is the 7-step video tutorial guide to help you to create your very first E-Commerce Mobile App:


Quick summary from the video tutorial above:

  1. Go to
  2. Select a starter template app (for easier bootstrap)
  3. Configure your app look & feel using Drag & Drop editors
  4. Setup product list
  5. Setup payment options (PayPal SDK)Supported POS options:
    – PayPal
    – PayPal SDK
    – Authorize.Net (Credit Card)
    – AliPay
    – Cash
    – P.O.D.
  6. Install one of the previewer mobile apps to check in real-time changes
  7. Build & test your app using previewer app(s).Note: For PayPal SDK POS working demo you need to order a special build for your application and install it on device.

In this tutorial we addressed the basic steps to follow in order to create your functional e-commerce mobile app without any coding skills. Finally anyone who tried that tutorial should be able to test a real payment flow using one or more payment options.

Let us know what is missing here and we can address those questions in updates for this post.


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